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We're thrilled to confirm that our Ofsted report has been published - Outstanding in all areas!

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Our Prospective Nursery and Reception Parent tours are now open for bookings. Please see our Admissions page on how to book.

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We are thrilled to confirm that we have been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark. Go to our Inclusion page to read our report.

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We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the Quality Mark Gold for History following an assessment carried out by the Historical Association on 7th February 2023.

Barrow Hedges Primary School

Behaviour and Rewards

In this section...

Barrow Hedges Primary School has a positive and inclusive approach to managing behaviour. We believe in encouraging good choices through a range of positive behaviour management strategies. Through this positive approach we aim to pre-empt inappropriate actions and choices, thus enabling us to focus on the responsible, good behaviour that is expected of our pupils.

We put great emphasis on the importance of interacting with others in respectful ways through speech, actions and relationships. We aim to provide care and support for our children and help them to learn how to manage their behaviour appropriately.


It is also important to note that we are a school that celebrates difference and this also applies to behaviour, meaning some children will require different responses to their behaviour than others. In order to fulfil this approach:

• Consistent behaviour systems are in place throughout the school – 3 6 9 for lesson time and morning break time and a Red Card System during lunch times. These are further detailed within this document.

• Personalised systems are put into place for those children who we find may benefit from a different approach to that of the 369 and careful consideration is given in such scenarios.

• Behaviour tracking allows senior staff to monitor individual pupil’s behaviour so that where required, support can be provided to pupils who may experience difficulties when managing their own actions and choices.

• Staff are kept regularly updated with any changes to our behaviour policy or guidelines, maintaining consistency.

• As a school, we adopt a Building Learning Power approach in order to cultivate the habits and attitudes of curious, confident and independent learners who are able to reflect on their own actions and choices.

• Pupils are regularly encouraged to explore core values that relate to their actions and choices such as: Care, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.

• Where behaviour incidents do occur, pupils are encouraged to reflect on their part in any incident and trained staff work with them in order to support their development in this area.