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Barrow Hedges Primary School

Can I Become a Writer? - Summer 2

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The first week back after half-term was Creativity Week for the whole school. In Nursery we learnt all about our feelings through the stories of 'Elmer the Elephant'.

Elmer (Enhanced Edition)

We related the different colours of Elmer to our own experiences and feelings. We talked about a different feeling each day and related it to a different colour, coming to Nursery dressed in each day's colour.

 On Monday we dressed in yellow and learnt about happiness. On Tuesday we dressed in blue and learnt about sadness. On Wednesday we learnt about feeling angry and dressed in the colour red and on Thursday we dressed in green and had a calm and relaxing day.

  Everyday we had a circle-time and told our friends what makes us feel happy, sad, angry, calm and excited. We learnt that it’s ok to feel all of these emotions and how to ask our friends or grown-ups for help if we have sad or angry feelings. 

    All week we have played with different coloured malleable materials; playdough, foam, sand and cornflour. We did some yoga and coloured in special mandala patterns to help us feel calm. We also made some big patchwork Elmer cushions to use in our book corner to remind us of the different feelings we have been learning about.


We drew pictures on a square of fabric with special pens and paints to show the things that make us feel happy. 


We helped Mrs Woods to use a sewing machine to sew all of our patchwork squares together and make an amazing patchwork picnic blanket of all the things that make Nursery happy.


 On Friday we made colourful cakes and had an ‘Elmer Picnic Party’ on the field. What a lovely, exciting and happy end to a lovely week full of learning about emotions and being creative.