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Unfortunately due to COV-19, we are unable to hold tours of our school for prospective parents however please take a look at the virtual tour of our school which you will find under the tab "Our School".

Stop Press!

Cirrus Primary Academy Trust are following the latest information and guidance for educational establishments from Public Health England. Information relating to the virus has been and will continue to be shared on a regular basis. For the latest information specifically relating to Barrow Hedges please click here.

Barrow Hedges Primary School

Don't Eat the Teacher - Autumn 1 (Settling into School)

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We have just started at Barrow Hedges Primary School. It's so exciting and there is so much to learn. For the first two weeks we learn to understand and follow our class rules using the very funny story 'Don't Eat the Teacher!'

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We listen to the story carefully and discover that the creatures in the story forget the rules. We need to learn the rules to show them what to do!

We learn that we must listen to the teacher. In the story, Sammy Shark forgot the rule his mummy told him. She said, "Don't eat the teacher!" Sammy didn't listen and gobbled the teacher right up!

We teach Sammy Shark to be good at listening.

Image result for sammy shark

We learn that we must walk in school. In the story, Sharon Shrimp ran around so fast she fell over and bumped her head. We teach Sharon Shrimp to be good at walking.

Related image

We learn that we must use a quiet voice. In the story Howling Haddock howled and howled. The noise hurts our ears! We teach Howling Haddock to use an indoor voice.

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We learn that we must share and take turns. In the story, Larry Lobster used his 'pinchy' claws to snatch a paint brush. We teach Larry Lobster to share.

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We learn that we must be kind. Jimmy Jellyfish pushed and shoved and hurt his friend, sting, sting. Oh dear! We teach Jimmy Jellyfish to use kind 'hands'. 

We learn that we must look after our toys and use one toy at a time. Colin Cod threw a toy and hurt Sharon Shrimp in the story. Oh dear! We teach Colin Cod to look after our toys.

Image result for cartoon yellow fish


Now we know to listen, walk, use a quiet voice, share, be kind and to look after our toys. 

We are very good teachers in teaching these forgetful characters showing that we are settle in Reception and ready for learning.