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Barrow Hedges Primary School

Mighty Metals - Autumn 2

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Our second topic in Year 3 is ‘Mighty Metals.’ To aid the children’s understanding, we begin the topic with a 'Science Day', where they have the opportunity to conduct experiments using balls, magnets and even a leaf blower! Not only do the children have a lot of fun, they are also experiencing how forces, such as gravity and friction, work.

During this topic, the children become scientists, exploring the scientific world of forces and magnetism, metals and materials. They conduct a number of experiments where they focus on the skills of making predictions, ensuring their tests are fair and presenting and understanding data; they love finding out the results!

Our English focus is based around the well-known story of ‘The Iron Man.’ The children write their own versions of the story, write rhyming narrative poetry and write letters. In Art, the children enjoy sketching, designing, making and evaluating their very own Iron Giant!