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Barrow Hedges Primary School

Revolution - Spring 1

In this section...

In Spring 1, our topic is 'Revolution', where we learn about the Victorian Era and the Industrial Revolution. Our topic begins with a 'Victorian School Day', where we experience what it would have been like in a Victorian classroom, including the lessons, the toys and games, and even the discipline! This is a really fun day and we learn a lot, although most of us end up deciding we would prefer to be a child in the 21st century.  

In History, we continue to learn about Victorian schools, Queen Victoria and chronology of the key events of that period. We also research and consider the effects of the Industrial Revolution on London, looking at cotton mills, the railways, the Empire and the Great Exhibition. We explore how the use of coal and iron was seen as significant advances. This also links to our Art where we look at the work of William Morris and try to recreate some of his work and design our own wallpaper based on his ideas.

Our D&T links closely with our topic as we research, design and make a Victorian toy - a zoetrope with a modern twist by being computer controlled.

In Science, inspired by the many advances of the time, we learn about electricity: knowing and using the scientific symbols for circuits, understanding where electricity comes from, explaining how to make a circuit work and planning and carrying out scientific investigations about electricity.

In English, we read the story 'Street Child', which inspires many fantastic pieces of writing. We write non-chronological reports about Victorian Schooling, and consider how to adapt these for different audiences. We also write exciting 'Time-Slip Narratives', where our characters travel back in time to the Victorian Era. This is followed by learning about the important Dr Thomas Barnardo and writing biographies about his life. Finally, we read a range of Limerick poems and learn and perform these, before writing our own poems.

Our Computing learning this half term involves writing algorithms to help find quick answers to maths puzzles, for example, prime numbers.

PE comprises of Dance and Hockey and we also continue to develop our skills in leadership.

We take part in the 'Spiritual Arts Project' in RE where we study a range of religious art work and reflect on their meaning in order to create our own.

In Music we study the work of Benjamin Britten through listening and appraising as well as composing some of our own pieces.

The theme for PHSE this half term is 'Going for Goals' and we think about what goals we can set ourselves, how these can be made achievable by breaking them down in smaller steps.