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Barrow Hedges Primary School

Superheroes - Summer 2

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Our topic in Summer 2 has been ‘Superheroes!

We started our topic by coming into school dressed as our favourite superheroes! It was so much fun!

We’ve thought about traditional tales and written our own with a new hero and villain of the story. We have also learnt all about comic book stories and created our own versions of ‘Bananaman!’

We’ve learnt all about real life superheroes that save lives every single day. We were amazed at how brave they were and picked one to write about. We also learnt that anyone can be an everyday hero. We saw some videos of people that have saved other people’s lives!

We know all about the famous superheroes that we see in films or books and we’ve even turned ourselves into superheroes with really cool super powers!

We learnt how to move like a superhero and made an awesome dance using these different movements.