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Barrow Hedges Primary School

Where Does Our Food Come From? - Autumn 1

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During the Topic 'Pirates Ahoy!' the children started to notice the changes to the season. It started to get colder outside and the leaves began to fall from the trees. Lots of children began to collect autumn treasure.

The children explored the seasonal changes.

We (the children) are learning to notice and talk about change and growth.

We went on an autumn walk. We found lots of autumn treasure.

Image result for autumn treesImage result for autumn song

We shared our ideas of the changes that happen in autumn using lots of different ways. 

Children with older siblings were excited to bring donations to our Harvest Festival. This raised the question 'Where does our food come from?' We found out...

We learnt that some fruits and vegetables are harvested in the autumn. We were very excited to learn about Combine Harvesters and other machines that are used on farms during harvest time. 

Watch this video to find out more about machines used during harvest today. 

We read the story of Clifford the Big Red Dog's First Autumn. Clifford had lots of fun at the park chasing leaves. He noticed the changes at the Grocery shop as autumn came. 

Image result for clifford the big red dog autumn

Clifford the Big Red Dog left us a special package from the Greengrocer. Inside there were lots of autumn fruits and vegetables. Where did they come from?

We learnt that fruits and vegetables come from seeds. We learnt that seeds need soil, sunshine and water to grow. 

 Image result for seedsImage result for sunshineImage result for watering seeds

Some vegetables grow under ground like carrots and potatoes. We planted carrot seeds and looked after them until they started to grow. 

Image result for planting carrot seeds We couldn't believe how tiny the seeds were. 

Some fruits grow on trees like apples.  

Some fruits and vegetables grow on plants above the ground like blackberries, peas and courgette.

Image result for vegetables grown on plantsImage result for vegetables grown on plantsImage result for vegetables grown on plants

We read Oliver's Vegetables and lots of other stories about growing. 

Image result for olivers vegetablesYou could read this book at home too!

Then we wanted to learn more about where food comes from so we listened to the story of 'The Little Red Hen'.

Image result for the little red hen

The Little Red Hen made bread from flour. Flour comes from wheat. We sequenced the story and used our words to talk about the events. We watched a video on how we make bread today. We compared similarities and differences. We loved learning about windmills! Here are some children talking about how they made bread. Maybe you could try and make some bread at home. What changes can you see as you add the different ingredients? 

Oliver made Milkshakes. We learnt that milk comes from a cow. 

Image result for oliver's milkshakeHave fun sharing this book at home! 

 We found out how cows are milked. 

We learnt so many new things in our topic. We finished our learning by matching all the foods with where they come from. 



Now we know about the changes that happen in autumn. We know that some fruits and vegetables are harvested in autumn. We know where fruits, vegetables, wheat and milk come from.